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AntiGravity® is the original aerial yoga and suspension fitness technique created by Christopher Harrison. After spending over 7 years on the development of the technique and the creation of the apparatus, he launched the first classes in 2007 and a new genre was born.


Yoga is renowned as a way to become more grounded, allowing us to better understand ourselves by accessing connections in the present moment. At Yoga Pavilion we aim to ensure that each person leaves class having learned or uncovered something through their experience

Private Training

A one-on-one lesson allows the teacher to assess your personal practice very closely and give pointers that will help you achieve your goals faster and more effectively. Your teacher may work on poses that are particularly beneficial for a specific condition, injury or any areas of tension or weakness in your body.

Wellness Coaching

We are the stories we tell ourselves. Wellness coaching provides you with the opportunity to tap into these stories and make positive changes in your life. The combination of mindset, movement and meditation will enable you to disprove your inner critic and elevate your self-perception.


AcroYoga is a blend of Acrobatics, Thai Therapeutic massage and Yoga. Also known as Adagio, this practice works on balancing in partners and group combinations. It’s a fun class using team work to create and challenge your acrobatic abilities.

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